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Natural-Born Healer
Life Force Science

From a young age, Carola had a strong affinity for the idea of a greater universal consciousness and felt a deep calling to pursue spiritual growth and healing. She has always actively sought out ways to hone her natural abilities as a healer, cultivate her inner potential, and gain clarity on her life's purpose.


Initially, she began her career in electronics development and repair, but over time, she transitioned into the holistic health field and providing support to individuals with diverse conditions and challenges, including children with special needs. 

Carola's desire to help others unlock their full potential led her on a journey around the world, where she spent decades learning about personal development and growth from influential leaders and  spiritual healers. But these experiences led her to the realization that genuine transformation cannot be achieved solely through techniques, tools, or even spiritual practices.

This growing disillusionment and quest for true transformation ultimately led her to a life-changing encounter with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in 2011.

Guruji is an Enlightened Spiritual Master and Divinely-gifted Being on this planet. He has discovered and scientifically validated his power to harness universal, intelligent energy and transmit it to living organisms and non-living materials anywhere in the world. This phenomenon is known as the Trivedi Effect®. It can raise the consciousness of those who receive it by deeply connecting them to the Life Force in nature, benefitting the recipient’s unique needs and optimizing their potential for growth. 

Guruji is on a mission to integrate science, religion, and consciousness to improve the human condition and benefit humanity on a global scale.

Carola knew that the scientific proof that validated Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s ability to transform the cellular structure of living organisms, alter the atomic structure of non-living material, and profoundly impact people’s lives was very different from everything else she had seen before.


At a fundamental level, she recognized that this was the answer she had been seeking her entire life, offering her the opportunity to experience genuine transformation.

Carola has been a devoted participant in Guruji's Blessings programs ever since, experiencing a profound transformational journey that has left her unable to compare her life to what it was like before she received the Blessings. She now enjoys restful sleep and regularly experiences deep states of calmness, joy, and happiness, free from distractions.

Through her association with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, Carola has been able to further develop her own Life Force energy healing ability / Biofield energy healing ability / prayer to God / ability to harness God's Grace / Divine energy blessing in nature. This ability has been scientifically validated in cell-based and mouse-model preclinical research.

DISCLAIMER: Carola Sand has not done any clinical trial that suggests any kind of results or benefits related to human health. No human health-related benefits have been scientifically validated, and Carola Sand does not give any guarantee to provide any kind of health benefits.

Carola's vision and purpose is to help all things, whether it be people, animals, or plants, feel a deeper connection to the Life Force in nature and assist them in unlocking their full potential.

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