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My dog was very anxious and nervous all the time. It really became a big problem. Then I got to hear about Carola and her Energy transmissions for pets. After the first transmission I could see that something shifted and now my dog is a very calm and relaxed dog in all new situations. What a great relief this is. Thank you. 

Anna R.

When Carola told me about her ability to transform plants I asked her to give Energy Transmission to my sunflower seedsI kept some seeds aside so they should not get any energy. I wanted to check if there was any difference. The energy treated flowers were from the beginning bigger and had a different green color. All Summer they looked much healthier and fresher. In Autumn when the first frost night came the untreated flowers almost died, their leaves were all hanging lifeless and the energy treated sunflowers still looked fresh and healthy. What a difference there was. This is really amazing. 

Petra S.

I had a heavy burnout. I couldn’t go to work at all, the only thing I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, sleep. It was like my brain did not function at all, so I was in a very bad shape when I got this Energy transmission from CarolaI don’t know how to put it but it was like something kicked me out of my brain paralysis and I could start to function normally again after the Energy transmission. I started with all my old hobbies again and I also started to runNowdays I enjoy everything I’m doing. I feel an inner calmness and I look at life in a different way. I feel strong and can do just anything. It’s very hard to understand in how bad shape I really was before. Thank you, Carola, I know that your Energy transmission lifted me from the depths. 

Ellen J.